I have been marketing these NZ-made products since about 1996-97. All are hand crafted and the fit and finish is excellent.

We have made custom sizes to fit small cupboards, and we also produce speaker enclosures. These enclosures are made with Melamine (compressed wood particles coated with resin then covered with a durable laminate).

However the edging is all hardwood and has an interlocked design making them very strong.

The racks are avaible in many wood types: white ash (white); painted black; and Kwila (brown) which is often used for decking and is a great wood as it’s very strong and doesn’t dent or mark easily.

Typical sizing is 600/900/1200/1400 and 1700mm high. The shelving is adjustable and has a cable tidy system built-in. They don’t rattle like some metal racks, and are easier to move (the solid timber is nicer to hold than the thin and sharper metal racks). The castors are semi-hidden underneath, and have a high weight rating.

I’ve been back to jobs, 12 years old, and the racks still look new. If the equipment is on show or you just want it to match the decor of the house, a wooden rack is truly the nicest option. They do cost more than some imported racks that rattle, but the quality difference is obvious.

Our rack pricing starts at around $1,100 and speaker enclosures from $140.


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