While wireless technologies are getting better all the time, data cables are still the most solid way to go in terms of audio, video and information distribution – and can deliver absolute clarity and quality of signal.

I can work with you to come up with the right result in terms of planning and cabling for virtually any future outcomes – whether you’re ready to choose system components or not.

I have many years experience dealing with all kinds of siutations and requirements and am the only professional in Matamata who is registered with CEDIA, the globally recognised Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association, which means that the knowledge and network I share with associates is second to none.

During the consultation phase I will listen carefully to what you have to say, communicate clearly to you what I would do if I were you, and come up with the best solution I can to fit your budget.

Future-proofing your home in this way can only add to its value, and you won’t (at some point in the future) think to yourself, “I wish I had cabled for this new technology!”.


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